Email Validation

What is email validation?

You've already taken the steps to collect email addresses in a mailing list, now you want to send our your email blast. Awesome! If you're like me, you're subscribed to an email marketing software like Mailchimp, and you have a limited number of emails that you can send monthly. This poses an issue when a large number of email addresses in your mailing list are fake, malformed, or something else entirely.

Before you send your emails, it is recommended to validate that the email addresses are actually valid. Our service checks each email address for 3 points to ensure its validity:

We offer two ways to get this information. If you are a developer, we offer an API endpoint to quickly identify if the email address is valid or invalid. If you would rather stick to Excel files, you can simply upload an Excel file and receive the same file back with the validation added as new column.

Option 1: File Upload

Validate email addresses by simply uploading a file.

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Option 2: API

Validate email addresses by calling our API endpoint.

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How to Get Started

We're offering use of our API tools for free. To get started, simply click the "Create Account" button on the navigation bar and complete the sign up.

If you want to use the file upload service, simply use the above button to take you there. Select your file, upload, and download the returned file when it's ready. If you're planning on using the API, click on Account -> API Key in the top-right of the navigation bar. Copy your key and use it in your API calls!

You can view your usage at any time by going to Account -> Quota. For the free tier, you can analyze 1,000 items per month. That's 1,000 API calls or uploading an Excel file with 500 rows of text. We hope you enjoy this service and we'd love to hear your feedback. If you would like to send us a note, feel free to email Cheers!